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Calls for contributions

Topic of coming issue :

Mediation and creativity in tourism and heritage

We invite your submissions of scholarly work on traditional and popular culture.

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Current issue

Vol 36-1-2, 2014

Intangible Cultural Heritage

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    Call for contributions

    Mediation and Creativity in Tourism and Heritage: Creating Striking New Symbols Through Visitor-Host Interaction

    Special issue edited by Habib Saidi (IPAC/CÉLAT, Université Laval)

    Special double issue, 36 (1-2) on Intangible Cultural Heritage

    face 36 (1-2) PCI moyen

    Laurier TURGEON

    Cécile DUVELLE
    A Decade of Implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Challenges and Perspectives

    Michael HERZFELD
    Intangible Delicacies
    Production and Embarrassment in International Settings

    Gerald POCIUS
    The Government of Canada and Intangible Cultural Heritage
    An Excursion into Federal Domestic Policies and the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention

    Intangible Roles
    Theory, Policy, Practice and Intangible Cultural Heritage

    Valdimar Tr. HAFSTEIN
    Patrimonial Reflections
    From Burning Buildings to Bodies of Heritage

    Christian BROMBERGER
    Ta’zie (Religious Theatre) vs. Noruz (the New Year and its Rituals)
    The Politics of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Iran and at UNESCO

    Jennifer S.H. BROWN
    Intangible Culture on Inland Seas, from Hudson Bay to Canadian Heritage

    Véronique GUÈVREMONT
    Le développement durable au service du patrimoine culturel
    À propos de la Convention pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel

    Dominique POULOT
    Intangible Heritage in France
    Between Museographical Renewal and “Project Territory”

    Anthony SHELTON
    Re-totalizing Culture
    Breathing the Intangible into Museum Practice?

    Andrea LAFORET
    Good Intentions and the Public Good
    Intangible Heritage in a Canadian National Museum

    Bernard GENEST
    The selection of the practice of ice canoeing on the St. Lawrence river
    Birth of a nomination

    Antonio ARANTES
    The Celebration of Cultural Diversity and the Politics of Difference in Safeguarding Intangible Heritage in Brazil

    Helene GIGUÈRE
    Cultural Rights and Heritages of Local and Translocal Agents
    A Study of Italian and Spanish cases

    Richard KURIN
    U.S. Consideration of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention

    Hervé MUNZ
    La captation patrimoniale des savoir-faire horlogers au risque de leur transmission

    Richard MacKINNON
    Intangible Cultural Heritage and Cultural Politics in Nova Scotia, Canada

    Mathilde LAMOTHE
    « Passions ordinaires » ou nouveaux objets patrimoniaux ?
    Réflexions sur les liens entre sport et patrimoine culturel immatériel

    Changing Visions of Heritage Value
    What Role Should the Experts Play?

    Svenja SCHÖNEICH
    From Global Decisions and Local Changes
    The Ceremonial Dance of the Voladores Becomes UNESCO Intangible Heritage

    Laurier TURGEON
    Food Heritage and the Construction of Territory
    Home Grown Products in Quebec

    Call for papers: Exhibiting Soundscapes

    Ethnologies is publishing a special issue, showcasing the theme, “Exhibiting Soundscapes.” The guest editors, Michael Frishkopf (U Alberta) and Marcia Ostashewski (Cape Breton University) call for papers that engage with any aspect of curating or displaying music.


    Heritage Scapes

    Laurence GILLOT, Irène MAFFI, Anne-Christine TRÉMON

    Berardino PALUMBO
    Est-ce que l’on peut résister à la patrimonialisation ?
    Le cas du sud-est de la Sicile

    Rami F. DAHER
    Urban Heritage and the Contention between Tradition, Avant-garde and Kitsch
    Amman’s Rising “Kitsch Syndromes” and its Creeping Vernacularized Urban Landscape

    De la vistualisation du patrimoine au musée signe : exemples du Cameroun et du Gabon

    Domenico COPERTINO
    Reinterpreting and Reforming the City
    Patrimonialization, Cosmopolotanisms, and the Ethnography of the Heritage-space in Damascus

    Michela BADII
    Traditional Food Heritage in Contemporary Tuscany
    Local Networks and Global Policies around the Zolfino Bean


    Habib SAIDI
    De la résis-danse à la crème de la discordance
    Places et impasses du patrimoine culturel immatériel en Tunisie depuis la révolution

    Octave DEBARY
    Loppis, vide-granges
    Promenades suédoises au milieu des restes

    Dimitri KARADIMAS
    Odours and Boundaries
    Bora-Miraña construction of territoriality